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Rob Ryan's good news! the first good news is that the Rob Ryan Four Seasons plates will arrive in our warehouse on Monday (just bear with us because we have a HUGE number of back orders).

The second good news is that we will also receive the Rob Ryan mugs, the Rob Ryan bunting.
The third good news (let's go crazy, it's almost Xmas!), we've also added the gor-geous Rob Ryan ceramic vase and the Rob Ryan canvas shopping bag (and you have no more excuse not go green with one of these!).
The 4th good news (and can send me gifts to B&F Headquarters to thank me) is that you are now going to learn how to make a paper-cut ornament necklace yourself!! You know little chain-like necklaces like the ones he hangs in his studio around his desk lamps which will look amazing around bottles and foodies gifts

What you need
Coloured paper of a good thickness - Piece of string - Pencil - Scalpel - Scalpel blade size 3 with 10A blades (Ryan uses Swan Martin scalpels and blades) - Masking tape - Ornament to put the necklace on

1. Attach the blade to the scalpel very, very carefully. Then wrap masking tape carefully around the blade, exposing just the tip - this will enable you to cut out the fiddly little bits without cutting your fingers.

2. Whether you're making a necklace-label for a bottle or an ornament, you first have to measure how long the necklace needs to be. Take the piece of string and measure the neck of your bottle/ornament to calculate the length. Then loop the measured string on to your paper in the oval shape of a necklace and draw around it to make the template.

3. Draw the pendant on to the necklace - Rob made a bell shape. Then make the necklace thicker by drawing a chain-line effect.

4. Next, begin cutting the necklace out with the scalpel, starting with the small fiddly bits (ie the centre of the paper chain).

5. Write your "label" on the pendant - whatever you write, draw the letters in thick capitals so that they can be cut out to leave a silhouette effect. (Ryan opted for "Life's too long", but feel free to make it more upbeat.) Now carefully cut the letters out.

6. And voila! Ryan made a bright pink necklace for a kitsch cat figurine. But, of course, it can be anything you want.

★★★★ premiere bonne nouvelle c'est que les assiettes 4 saisons de Rob Ryan arrivent a notre entrepot Lundi (mais soyez patient parce que nous avons une tonne de pre-commandes a envoyer). La deuxieme bonne nouvelle est que nous allons aussi recevoir les mugs Rob Ryan et les fanions Rob Ryan. La troisieme bonne nouvelle (soyons fous, c'est binetot Noel!), nous avons aussi ajoute ce su-per-be vase en ceramique de Rob Ryan et ce sac en coton de canvas (et la vous n'avez plus d'excuses pour utiliser des sacs plastiques et ne pas utiliser un des ces petits sacs canons!). La quatrieme bonne nouvelle (....vous pouvez m'envoyer des cadeaux aux bureaux de B&F pour me remercier) est que vous allez maintenant apprendre a tailler et decouper un petit collier comme Rob Ryan les accroche dans son studio autour de ses lampes de travail pour decorer votre sapin ou accrocher autour de vos cadeaux, une bouteille de vins, des bonnes choses a manger

Via The Guardian

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