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Zombie-Proof House


Transforming Safe House tells the zombie hordes to bring it

There's being prepared for a zombie invasion by keeping a shotgun and some sparebrains in your basement, and then there's being actually eager for a zombie invasion, which is how you'll feel if you live in this absurdly safe house, called the Safe House. And yes, it even has that drawbridge you've always wanted.

I don't know what level of paranoia inspired this house, but thankfully someone had the wherewithal to make it a reality. By day, it has the look of a rather squarish but otherwise mostly normal house. But by night, or when someone hits what I can only assume is a giant red button with the word "PANIC" emblazoned on it, concrete blocks swing over the second floor windows, a concrete door closes on the first floor, a huge wall slides in to seal off most of one side of the ground floor, and a steel shutter drops over the entire front of the house.

What's left is a structure with no doors and, no windows, and in fact the only way in or out when the house is in lockdown mode is across a drawbridge that connects to the top of the pool house. And as for the pool itself, well... If you're busy swimming when the zombies show up, then you're already in a cheap horror flick, and you're undead meat anyway.

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