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Maison Bulle

Maison Bulle overlooks the marvelous coast of the South of France, near Nice. It is a house entirely built with curved surfaces - totally futuristic in conception. It was designed in 1968 by the Finnish architect Antti Lovag and has recently been recognized as part of the Heritage of Historical Monuments, even though official approval has never been received for it.

This construction has a unique art, appearing as a heap of stylized eye sockets and bulbs, above all due to the protruding convex lenses that serve as an imperceptible fusion between the interior and the exterior parts.

Walking along the corridors and crossing one room after another, you get the impression that you are suspended in a spaceship, far away from the real world. In effect Maison Bulle gives the idea of a hideaway, a home where you can meditate and dream.

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