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Mint tea, mosaic tables, gorgeous amber beads, hand-dyed carpets, colours and noises from the market.....Morocco is one of these destinations that has a magic, chaotic attraction and if you're planning for a fabulous and inspiring Moroccan trip, I recommend you spend some time reading My Marrakesh, a blog I discovered a while ago via Di's blog, and recently revisited thanks to a Twitter follow.

My Marrakesh is Maryam's baby, an American lady who is a Human Rights and Democracy Specialist and who regularly writes about Moroccan design, shopping, restaurants, spas, gardens, as well as other wowza lifestyle experiences. This week, she shows the amazing photos taken by Oliver Weber

There are some destinations like Morocco or India that are so rich in colours that one would find difficult to imagine how beautiful they could look if photographed in black and white but Oliver's photos achieve just simply.
I love the little twinkle in the man's eye on the last picture and if I could be a little French fly on the wall, I would love spending afternoon drinking mint tea, just observing these beautiful, wrinkled old men interacting with each other.
For a bit of aMoroccan adventure in the heart of London, head to Momo's
(C) photos Oliver Weber

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