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Tin Collector series

Do you remember my little post about vintage toy at the beginning of the month? For those who've just joined in, I was just saying that vintage toys have a unique charm to them and from a decoration point-of-view, they just look fab on a shelf.
A couple of years ago, I started a little collection of vintage toys in Mila's bedroom (on a shelf she can't really reach)...well vintage cars actually. I don't know why I'm so attracted to cars but it just happened... some are proper vintage ones picked up in second-hand shops other are just beautiful replicas so imagine how excited I was when I came across the Sunbeam car, the Lilliput robot and this other cutie in blue!!
Err...hello....look how gorgeous there are! I'm super excited....Elodie and I were trying to find some really cool and unusual gifts for men for this Christmas and I think they are just perfect...

The Lilliput robot (below) is acknowledged by collectors to be the World's First Toy Robot. It appeared in Japan in the 40s and was originally manufactured by K.T. Japan. This little yellow cutie is thought to be the first mass-produced robot toy and marked the start of a long line of tin robots.

And the Sunbeam car is a replica of the car that holds the world's speed record...200 miles per hour. Well obviously this is a few years back and I'm still trying to work out the exact year but if you know this, feel free to let me know.
They will all be available in September but of course you can pre-order them now if you wish.

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