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Introducing Kayatine.....

Kayatine is a new label launched by the young (only 24) and obviously very talented French designer Julie Lepage-Chartier.
In France, 'un Doudou' is what we call the first soft toy, a baby will take a fancy to and this a toy that your child is likely to keep forever so choosing the perfect Doudou is no mean feat!
The first time we saw Julie's 'Doudous', we felt in love straight away...I mean look at this one called Poppy. Even if you haven't got a child, wouldn't you want something as cute and friendly in your home! I love it!

Doudou Poppy is one of eight brothers and sisters. Each one has little ears that are easy for tiny baby hands to grab (or suck as babies do!). Its bottom is embroidered with a cure little heart and the fabrics Julie has picked (for instance for Doudou Bobi) are just beautiful and cheerful.

Poppy is also available in violette here.

The photo of Doudou Kiou does not any justice to the amazing, soft white fabric Julie selected but I promise you it is one very soft doudou which makes a perfect present for a new-born baby along with our best-selling Angel babygro in white or pink here.

We will add more gorgeous designs from Kayatine in the forthcoming months as Julie has also designed uber cute babygros and bath set for babies and I can't wait for her to do her Doudou as cushions!
For more inspiration on how to create gorgeous children bedrooms, check out the amazing collection of Japanese books from Paumes.

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