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New-York City paper cut map in stock next week!

Finally the wait is over.....the NYC map by Famille Summerbelle is now ready! Whether you are a die-hard Sex And The City fan or have already got a few NYC marathons under your belt (or your boyfriend has…that counts too), the NYC map print is one of these designs that are going to make a great Christmas’ must-have for everybody in search of cool designs for the home, great wedding present or birthday gift.
The NYC map is available in two beautiful colours: Plum (just saying the word sounds gorgeous) and night blue and BODIE and FOU will receive the prints next week but you can pre-order yours now.
We will also get more stock of the Paris in hot pink and London map in turquoise - which keeps selling faster than we have time to eat a chocolate muffin and god knows when it comes to chocolate eating, we're fast!
I'm so excited for Julie, the French Designer of Famille Summerbelle (read interview here) and us of course, because it's a great success for our little company to find beautiful designs that so many people love. Julie did a lot of research on NYC before starting to draw the different areas and decided to focus on the lower part of Manhattan where you find most of the tourist attractions and the Brooklyn border.

I have to say I really loved the London and Paris maps and the latter is now in our house in France but now my favourite is definitively the NYC print....I have such wonderful and happy memories of trips to NYC...the last one in 2004 was before having Mila....I escaped there for a week of fun with my best friend Manu and we had the time of our lives. Then I came back to London and things in my life started to change quicker than I ever expected. Steve moved in, 5 months later I was pregnant and 9 months later Elodie and I launched BODIE and FOU, the rest is history as they say...Well it was more like a mad adventure that kept me very busy for the past four years but I'm dying to go back to New-York, spend some time with my friend Charlotte and live again the whole SATC again even if I have moved onto House and Gossip Girl.
So tell me..which print are you? The London map in turquoise or red here or the Paris map in hot pink or sage green here?

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