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10 good things about my weekend

1. Having our home and family photographed by them for their next book
2. Making pancakes with Mila for breakfast
3. Enjoying a fabulous roast at a friend's diner party (thanks P!)
4. Dropping my old Blackberry in the toilet
5. Hearing Mila saying that when she is a grown-up, she wants to design Doudous like tatie Julie
6. Going to Columbia Road and finding a little black cab for my car collection for only £2
7. Watching Steve being kind, caring, smart and sexy and knowing that I'm still madly in love with him after 11 years
8. Finding out that she started a new blog thanks to her (Deb you made my day!)
9. Eating scones made by my Mother-in-Law (Nigella can go to bed!)
10. Getting lovely comments from you guys during the week-end
11.Having a nap with my little family
12. Ending the holidaygate crisis...we're now going to Portugal!

How was your weekend?
PS: Dropping my old Bberry in the toilet was a good thing because now I have no excuse to sort out my I-phone :-)

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