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Pretty, handmade, vintage details.....

I'm posting these beautiful wedding pictures of Bryce and Stephanie by Amy Carroll as a reminder because like Joanna, I love how the bride tucked her veil under her bun...
Then I went to Amy's website and realized that there was more to love and now I am totally in awe with all the gorgeous, vintage and handmade details of this beautiful wedding which would work as well for a great home party or may give you some ideas for a Birthday celebration....these beautiful details certainly fired up my imagination.....

I'm loving this welcoming message on a blackboard charming and oh....I so LOVE the fun image of the now husband and wife (Bryce & Stephanie had their wedding in the town's school...).
Look at all these adorable vintage details.....absolutely beautiful!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend...back to work now!

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