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Ca y est! We have moved into our new offices!
I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and something good will always come out of something bad but flipping hell....I just wished this time I had more than 2 weeks to sort out this massive move because it was hell.

Anyway, it's done and dusted now, we all love our new space and it's a pleasure to be working in a brand new office with plenty of natural light, space and more facilities that we could think of on our wish-list and I can even take Lucas to the office.
We moved all our stock on Saturday (massive, massive job but if you are looking for two great removal companies in the UK, I recommend Trek Removals which moved all our stock and Rapid Man & Van (especially Ben who was super efficient) which moved our roller blinds.
We've set up a brand new 5 meter long packing table for 8 people, got Interlink & Royal Mail collections set up today et voila.....we are back in business baby!
And today...well today I just twittered about our latest best-selling design: the STAR t-shit being back in stock instead of STAR T-shirt :-) So yes it was a typo, yes I'm the Queen of multi-tasking (not just doing it 100% accurately) and yes it made giggle lots of people including moi...C'est pas grave...Have a lovely week....Two more days and I'm off to France to pick up my 5 years old 'bebe' and then we're all off for our holidays in Aix-en-Provence with some friends

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