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Please vote for us to win Sheerluxe's Online Shopping awards....

I know, I know...I've already mentioned this briefly during my holidays but this thing is finally sinking in...
First, I'm very surprised that public votes landed us a spot amongst the finalists because we didn't have time to enter the competition in the first place and secondly that we are, in the Best for Online Home Accessories category, one of two independent retailers up against all the major UK retailers and I'm talking the really big Heals, John Lewis, Habitat, The White Co, Laura Ashley, OKA etc...

It's not often that I take the time to sit back and ponder on our journey because I rarely have the time to do so but recently things have been good for us...
Our team is growing and it feels good.
Although, horribly stressful, our office move turned out to be a very good thing because we'll have central heating at Xmas (crazy!) and in fact, this year, we will be packing in our underwear!
We're getting incredibly kind and generous independent reviews from genuine customers on our products but also our customer service which is really important for me and I can't tell you how encouraging it feels and how much we would like to do for you, together.
My recent meeting with French Interior Designer Jacqueline Morabito was a big deal for me and all in all, things are good at home. We had an amazing time in the South of France and maybe....maybe, we will move BODIE and FOU to the South of France in the future and open a shop...who knows.
But for the time being, we are happy in London and it would be really nice to win Sheerluxe's Online Shopping Award so please vote for us here. First votes do not count for the last round so if you've already voted for us, please do it again.
I wish you a lovely evening

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