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Blue, blue. blue and more blue

Frankly doing DIY with a laptop nearby may not be the most efficient way to get things done but it is certainly the most fun and inspiring...
I keep taking breaks from my painting jobs to get ideas and inspirations from the net since all my decoration mags in London. I was planning to paint the small window in the toilet in pale grey but I've just seen this on Danielle's blog and now I'm totally in love with the blue from this Italian house...

Does it scream holidays or what?? It's just perfect for the look I want to achieve in our holidays house...
Once the walls I've just painted are dry, I'm planning to glue pages from a book on one wall only to achieve this kind of look....

So painting the window in blue should finish the job nicely...
(c) Photos: 1) Living Etc, 2) Bedroom of Shanna Murray, Designer

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