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A Big Thank you.....

This week, we would like to thank you Passementerie and Inspire Inspire two UK blogs for writing very nice things ('a terribly smart and inspired boutique run by two French sisters') about us and products which I will detailed below so our designers can also see how much people love their work!

Thank you so much girls!

Passementerie or Passementeries Diary
is a lovely blog from Oxford about interiors, style, design and travel. Passementerie's favourites were the gorgeous Cotton Bud wallpapers by Selina Rose, a British designer Elodie and I have long admired and of course the stunning Cluster light by Kathleen Hills - which is now in our house in France (well two of them to be more accurate).

Inspire* Inspire aims to promote and support independent artists and designers and I recommend you check out Inspire* Inspire's post about Cameron Moll and his handcrafted intricate letterpress poster of Salt Lake temple which he produced over the course of about a 100 hours. The result is amazing.

Desain Rumah real estate design collection
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