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Dos Family

After coming back from holidays, one of my 'back to work' resolutions was to work from home one day a week to make them my 'creative fridays'. Don't sigh with wishful far, it has not quite worked out but I'm not given up! Today, after interviewing someone and spending the afternoon working on SEO, I was aching for something creative and then Elodie sent me a link to Dos Family!
I got shivers of excitation when I came across the sublime Australian e-mag Papier Mache and the very inspiring and creative Japanese books from Paumes, and this afternoon I was in heaven when I read Dos Family and I had to add them to my little notebook.'s a very inspiring Swedish blog written by two cool ladies Jenny and Isabelle who basically go around people's houses and take pictures (and really nice ones!). What I really like about their house tours is that the girls focus on normal people's houses. Unlike all the beautiful houses featured in glossy magazines that show dreamy open living spaces, interesting volumes and architecture, expensive extensions that one all dream one day to afford, Dos Family focuses on your next door neighbour's house (providing that you're not living next to Claudia Schiffer).
In fact their stories are very much about all the little, creative details throughout the house rather than the house itself so you're not getting shots of open-plan living rooms or kitchens but rather gorgeous, homely close-up on a bookshelf, or children drawings, a giant E.T., a vintage typewriter which would be easy to re-create in your own home, should you fall in love with them and the wonderful atmosphere of happiness and well-being they convey.
The photography and stylism of
Dos Family are also flawless and I think they really bring out the best in every knick- knack they come across in the houses they visit.
Their blog is also full of very creative and inspiring DIY like this gorgeous play in closet. They do videos (I haven't watched those) but I cant get enough of their Dos visits!!
So here are some pics of Jenny's house...and be prepared, her home is gorgeous, colourful, creative, and happy.... and they are all like that!

And this is the home of Mette and Rufus

There are so many beautiful, little details in each house that can make such a difference to a room... I really loved the family wall that Elodie did last March but I loved the way Mette and Rufus took it to the next level in their house. It is also very nice to see so many fabulous, vintage or iconic toys at home be they from Batman, E.T., characters from Toys Story and sigh....even High School Musical.
The house tours from Dos Family really inspired me and I hope they've inspired you too to do something fun and creative this weekend.
For us, it will definitively be a great weekend as Elodie & Christophe are coming over from Barcelona, Alex and Nico from Bruxelles and Chris and Val from Paris and most certainly a hangover on Sunday but hey....Happy weekend

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