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Winter shorts

I've always been more of an interior buff than a fashion one but recently I have started feeling slightly addicted to my copies of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. I started buying them again because I love how cool and sexy the layout of their pages look but now I can feel the love of fashion coming to me...yeah mama, bring it on....
A couple of weeks ago, Elodie and I were hanging out in a pub with some friends and I couldn't help admiring how cool one of the girls there, looked in her winter shorts and then today I just spotted this gorgeous pair by Steven Alan on A cup of Jo

Now the girl I saw at the pub had fab legs...think Alexa Chung's legs or Clare whose legs always look great whenever she posts a picture of her bags or outfits ....which is not exactly my case since I'm 1.55m height but they are fairly fit so I just think that I might away with this cute pair of shorts from Anthropologie which has just opened in the centre of London....bliss

Forget Anthropologie...I found a gorgeous black pair at Zara for £19.99!! Talking of which...have you seen the Zara website recently?? It's looking damn good!

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