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My name is Karine Candice. I'm French, I live in London with a New-Zealander and I'm the maman of a 5 years old freewi* called Mila Sienna.

I'm also the Creative Director and Co-Founder of chic online concept store BODIE and FOU which I launched with my sister Elodie in 2005 (pictured below with the sunglasses).

In this blog, I write about everything that inspires me...interior design, house tours, photography, children stuff, my DIY projects in our home in London (you can see the work in progress on the blog) and our holidays home in France, about news from our concept store.
I also write about things that makes me laugh, what Mila says and about personal stuff (because sometimes, running your own business, being a mum, making time for friends, etc..and have time for oneself, gets JUST a bit too much!)
This year, I'm also a contributor to Poppytalk's new series, reporting on anything that inspires me from France...
BODIE and FOU is named after Elodie and I...BODIE because it is the way we've been calling Elodie since she was little and FOU because my kiwi thought I was mad when we should have been folle but his French wasn't very good at the time so FOU it was.

I love WHITE and grey interiors, mixing simple, INSPIRING designs with flea-market finds to create relaxed, child-friendly INTERIORS.
I adore VANESSA PARADIS, Charlotte Gainsbourg (I'm French after all!). I admire Jacqueline MORABITO, love food, fashion, designs, taking PHOTOS and having a good time with my friends and FAMILY (see below).

If you have any tips, suggestions, want to send me some chocolates/gifts/clothes or you just want to say Bonjour! - leave a comment or email me at leblog (at)bodieandfou(dot)com

"A little black book of interiors, with tips on how to recreate effortlessly stylish French chic" VOGUE magazine

D'autres trucs...
BODIE and FOU Le Blog has been featured in VOGUE magazine, Easy Living, The Independent and TIMEOUT magazines.
I have also been featured and interviewed in Easy Living, The Independent newspaper and Time Out, La Petite Magazine and various blogs: Snoop, SFGirlbyBay, Bright Bazaar, PoppyTalk, The Beat That My Heart Skipped, etc.
My home in France has also been featured in numerous leading interior magazines and newspapers around the world

* Home Beautiful Australia - October 2010
* London Family Style by Editions Paumes (Japan)
* Casa Facile (Italian) - July 2010
* Saturday Telegraph - July 2010
* Junior magazine - June 2009
* Grand Designs - August 2008
* You magazine - August 2007

*Freewi: French mother/ Neo-Zelander father

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