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Something to add to your Christmas list!

We've just added lots of super cute things for children like a Charlie and Lola dinner set, a very nice, organic newborn set by Kayatine, a Doudou sleeping bag (my favourite because it's safer for babies to sleep in this) and some fun Apple shaped and Bunny shaped children rugs by Michelle Mason so it's now it's time for 'les mamans'.
And 'la maman' in me can't wait to get her hands on one of these leather wrap bracelets by Clare Vivier - the uber cool LA designer behind La Tropezienne bag.
Look at this little beauty, doesn't it scream I'm cool and chic ?! :-) YES YES YES.
So here we I wasn't the only one to think this was a must-have, we've added it to our little boutique here.

And if your man is still struggling with what presents to get you, just send him to us. Although it looks like our Christmas gift guides are helping them because we are seeing lots of orders from men buying really nice and stylish things but I think this wrist wrap is definitively one to mention to him or to add to your Wish list!
This morning I spoke to a very nice man who ordered two books from Paumes because his wife had ordered some before and he wanted to surprise her (I sincerely hope that his wife doesn't read this blog and I'm not giving away anything) but I thought it was very thoughtful of him.
Talking of the BODIE and FOU Wish List...Have you tried it, does it work for you? Please let me know, I would love to know if it's something useful to you...thx!

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