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BODIE and FOU Gift guide Part 4: Christmas Gifts for children

Here is BODIE and FOU Gift guide Part 4: Cool gifts for cool kids....
As you know, we are not massive fans of Barbie or Ben 10 themed toys for children. It doesn't mean that our girls don't have a few Barbie dolls they managed to get from their grandparents (and Mila was adamant about having her Ben 10 birthday cake earlier this year!) but there are a lot of young and talented designers who have designed cool, fun and contemporary toys and gifts for kids which we rather support.

From top left clockwise:
9. Apple rug and Bunny rug: £98
10. Grow height chart: £30 Available in red here
11. Le Rounard cushion: £36.50

Desain Rumah real estate design collection
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