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Dya-think-e-saurus wallpapers by Paperboy

If I had a little boy, I would have loved to decorate his bedroom with the Dya-think-e-saurus wallpaper range from Paperboy, especially the purple and silver one below...Isn't this gorgeous?
What I really like about this range is how they feature Dinos (therefore great for the kids) without actually looking too childish (hence good for design-savvy parents) and the actual design is just well-done. It has a wonderful sense of energy and life and in fact, I'm sure this wallpaper would look great in a hallway or as a quirky feature wall or even - if you're feeling super creative - to wallpaper the inside of his cupboard.
Oh...I just got an idea!...What about getting a cheap & cheerful pine wardrobe from Ikea and then paint it purple or grey and wallpaper the inside with this gorgeous Dya-think-e-saurus wallpaper range??? OK if any of you is going to do this or something similar, I want to see pictures!
For all the little men who LOOVVVEE dinosaurs, the Dya-think-e-saurus wallpaper (which translates into ‘do you think he saw us!’) is available in 4 colours and is printed on FSC accredited sustainable forest paper like most of our wallpapers.

For more children wallpapers, don't miss the Penguin wallpaper by Isak here and the fabulous range from our friends at Mini Moderns

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