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So stunning....I'm aching

I have always been very admirative of the beauty and simplicity of Kathleen Hills' lights. Last Summer, before a photoshoot for a New-Zealander magazine, we added three of her pendant lights in our open plan kitchen in France (see below and me with my prawns salad. Coffee maker is from Bugatti here !).
I will eventually get rid of the Ikea one in stainless-steel but since we added Kathleen's lights 2 days before the photoshoot, we really did not have time for anything else.
The result was better than expected and I'm so glad for once I went out of my comfort zone and mixed the designs rather than going for three of the same designs like on the second picture which looks nice but a bit too clinical....

Gorgeous Fashion shop Whistles in London also mixed the designs....Well to be fair, they actually did it first and then I copied it but the result is fab and I really think mixing the designs work better....What do you think???

If you want to replicate the look of the Whistles shop, they've used the star light, the large pendant light and the cone pendant light.
And now, we have added the beautiful Cluster Light in black to our ever-growing lighting collection. Frankly..... I find it so stunning that I'm aching. I'm trying to think if it would work in our new house where we need to pendant lights in the lounge or if the staircase is high enough to afford such a striking pendant light but oh gosh, I do love it and I think regardless of the fact that it may give less light than the white Cluster light, the black one looks more luxurious and striking than ever!

I shall leave and ponder where I could fit it in the house......Click here to see more pictures of the Cluster Lights in situ.
Have a great Friday evening.
Bises xoxo

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