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2 thumbs down to the Louis Vuitton iPad case

I'm so sorry to re-post about an iPad slipcase but I've just seen the Louis Vuitton one and I thought no, no, no, beurk!

I mean I love Louis Vuitton, don't get me wrong.... and I cherished the old Vuitton bag I was given 20 years ago but it is now in my cupboard and hasn't seen the light of the day for years.

I keep looking at this monogrammed LV iPad case, shaking my head and thinking 'no...they got it so wrong'. Louis Vuitton has done some wonderful designs in the past with beautiful leather...Why on earth do they need to do everything now with their monogramm splashed out is beyond me. I think the LV iPad case looks too bling-bling, cheap and frankly has no style...

Are we still that much into branding in 2010? Is it still THAT important to walk around with big luxury brands on ourselves to show who we are? In the 80s and 90's yes ok but now....I just don't feel it's right anymore.
I don't know....maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm simply happy in my own skin so I don't need need to have brands names on everything I wear but I much prefer the simplicity and style of the Clare Vivier iPad slipcase which just gets it right.

Anyway, the choice of yours and you may well disagree with me :-)

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