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I think if Elodie and I hadn't had the mad idea to launch a cool website selling beautiful home accessories, we would have loved to have launched a cool website with beautiful children clothes and gifts....Besides the fact that clothing is a lot easier to pack and dispatch (waayyy eaasier...take my word for it), children brands are incredibly fun and creative to work with.
My latest love is Rock Mafia....

Rock Mafia is a French label set up by Elise Durand Wallon and Charlotte Desmullier, two childhood cops (short for copines in French and nothing to do with the police) who bumped into each other after years apart....
Elise, who had trained as a Lawyer had 3 children and Charlotte, fashion stylist, had a boy...The copines fall into each other's arms, shared fond childhood memories and decided to follow their dream: create a fashion label for 2-12 years old...Et voila!
Rock Mafia has a lovely Liberty dress which I know Mila would LOVE.
Personally, I'm loving this leather US army bag (for me) and this Sweat Franky which are a bit more rock'n roll but I have to wait for a few years now for Mila to wear this kind of things. When she was 3/4 years old, I could get away with dressing her up with skinny jeans now and rock t-shirts but now that she is 5, she has a very strong opinion about what she loves and Liberty it could have been worse :-)

And I'm loving what they put on their site....
"When we are little, we want to be grown-up and
when we are grown-up, we would like to have stayed little..."

so true and so cute...

Rock Mafia....c'est ici

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