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I've just booked 7 tickets to go and see Sex And The City 2 next week with some friends...

and I'm so tempted by this Halston Heritage white dress available from One Boutique...
Sooo tempted...woman STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD!


Last night, after watching 'The Good Wife' (don't you love that show?!), I spent a bit more time on One Boutique checking out their Sale section and discovered these....a pair of gorgeous Penelope Chilvers Angel boots at £277.50 instead of £370 and since then I have been pondering about whether I should get them or not.
Frankly if they were £100 cheaper, I would have gone for them without thinking about it twice but I bought myself 3 pairs of boots this year and it's only June, I still only have two feet and the price...arrhhhhgh is killing me.....

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