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Typeface candle holders by Studio Yra

Last time I went to Pulse (a UK trade show), I came across these superb alphabet candle holders. I'm a sucker for anything using typeface like this gorgeous Type map print by Bold & Noble so I got really excited when I came across these wooden candle holders and I was quite keen to add them to our shop.
After reflection, there is such a large selection of size and models (of course there is 26 letters in the Alphabet + the Ampersand symbol) that from a logistic point of view, I think it would be a nightmare for us to stock these....
However, I still think they are great and that you would be interested in knowing about them.
Each letter is made of birch plywood (very eco-friendly) and as they have all different fonts and sizes, they can be used in different ways: standing, lying flat, upside down and they can also be used with both candles and tea lights. You can even paint them for a more personal touch but I love them just the way they are.

Studio Yra is a collaboration between product designer Lina Meier and graphic designer Sara Keranen-Gramner who met while studying at London College of Communication in 2004. Lina went on to do a BA in Product design at Central Saint Martins while Sara stayed at LCC finishing a BA in Typography.
Their online shop is not ready yet but if you call them, you can get yours letters within a couple of days...and I forgot to say...a small letter is £25 and a large one £29.50 + P&P
I hope you like them.....

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