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Jam factory....

If these inspiring moodboards and this gorgeous label to download from Martha Stewart did not inspire you to spend the weekend at home making jam, then maybe this beautiful Danish summer retreat will do the trick...
This pretty Summer house called 'Villa Else' belongs to Henriette Willerup and Anton Greiffenberg who make, what look like, delicious apple and plum jams....
The thing is I don't even like jams (I grew up on Nutella tartines...) but I LOVE the idea of making jams...It just seems like a giving, selfless things to do for others, picking up fresh fruits from the garden and making comfort food for others...ummm
In our house in France, we are lucky to have a couple of cherry trees, prune trees and a fig tree but unfortunately we never seem to go there at the right time to pick the fruits and make jams out of it. My mum gets a few but she doesn't make jam either so the birds get the best out of them.
I love how Danes paint the outside of their homes in black and look at these gorgeous images...Doesn't this place look wonderful?

Images via Style Files via Katrine Martensen-Larsen

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