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My leather jacket...

This morning, I went to un vide-grenier (the equivalent of a car boot sales) and the amount of amazing stuff I found was incredible....A vintage wooden tray that was used to put pizzas in the oven which I have now cleaned, bleached and will use to display cheeses to create a simple, rustic look to our diner table back in London,
A blue metal tray with Mickey on it (dated circa. 1960), a toy white metal till (circa 1952), two orange phones for Mila but given her lack of interest in it, they may well be end up on my vintage toy shelf at home and this gorgeous leather jacket...An original Schott flight jacket the owner had bought in San-Francisco 15 years ago, nice thick leather, perfect fit, warm lining perfect for next Winter in London for only 30 Euros....I'm a happy girl
Have you been to flea markets or second-hand shops recently? What did you find?

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