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Penguin wallpaper by Sandra Isaksson for Isak

It is really refreshing to see that designers start really producing fabulous and affordable designs for children spaces. Personally I can't stand the whole Barbie thing but the love of my life is 4 years old and she has inevitably lots of tacky, pink Princess things that we nicely put away (HIDE!!) when she doesn't play with it.

A few months ago, I fell in love with the gorgeous wallpapers by MiniModerns and frankly although they are designed for children's bedrooms, quite a few of them like the Sitting Comfortably look great in a kitchen as a feature wall or in a hallway.
So now I'm very excited that we have the gorgeous Penguin Wallpaper designed by Sandra Isaksson for Isak because once again I think this one works perfectly in other rooms around the house.
Forget about the toys displayed on the photo below and just stand back a bit to imagine the overall look of the room with this beautiful, patterned paper. If you look at the house of Norwegian stationary designer Tonje Holland and the way she addes touches of colours with accessories and makes a room visually interesting using patterns on cushions then, you can easily imagine a feature wall in the kitchen, bathroom, a child's bedroom or even a home office done up with the Penguin wallpaper.

Sandra is working on two new colours of this Penguin wallpaper and is planning to launch them in September. In the meantime if you're thinking about refreshing your home office so you can stare at a nice and uplifting wall then I think this one at £30 a roll is no brainer and it's also eco-friendly, produced from paper from sustained forestry.

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