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Introducing Studio Violet

Studio Violet is like one of these little surprising little boutiques you found by chance while wandering around the streets except it's online. It takes you by surprise in a nice way, like someone being nice to you when you least expect it, or something really good happening to use when you need cheering up. I was reading some lovely French blogs (i.e. Made in Sud-Ouest to feel at home) and suddenly I ended up on the homepage of this pretty Swedish site and as the leaves start falling in the streets of London and I'm enjoying a cosy, relaxing Sunday afternoon at home, I thought it was sweet to be welcomed by these golden Autumn leaves and little acorns.

Studio Violet is a creative studio which was set up in Sweden in 2008 by Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker, two creative girls who have heaps of creative experience under their belts. Illustrator and graphic designer Camilla Engman graduated from HDK, School for Design and Crafts, Gothenburg and was the chosen poster artist for the Gothenburg International Film Festival, 2009. Elisabeth Dunker, too, began with an education at HDK but now has added design, illustration, styling and photography to her creative skills.
Their illustrations are pretty and delicate. Enjoy....

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