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Must-have accessory for Mothers & Daughters

I'm kind of speechless (which is not very often...) but we've added these very cool STAR t-shirts...what?.... 3 days ago only and the small size has already sold out and the other sizes are running seriously low and the amazing thing is that we had orders coming from France, UK, Netherlands and the US.
Personally I love it when I see parcels going to lots of different countries...It feels like BODIE and FOU is travelling and I keep thinking about all these little parcels with our branded tape and our little black logo being seen by a lot of people...
That is if the delivery man cares about it...probably not... but I like the idea...
So now we have also the STAR scarf in stock...
WHY?? Frankly because I think it's the MUST-HAVE accessory for Mothers & Daughters...
I know that it's the kind of things that Mila & I would wear and Elodie (who spotted them in the first place) and Lily would definitively wear so I'm sure lots of you won't even think twice about getting one for you and your little girl (although the white and navy would look pretty cool on a boy too!)

If you love STARS, check out the Doudou SUPERSTAR cushions! They're fab!

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