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Blue house in France

I know some of you may have seen these pictures before (and for those who haven't, you will find various links from different mags on the right handside under it's a Mini BODIE and FOU Adventure) but Photographer Michael Paul did such a fantastic job that Home Beautiful Australia decided to feature them over 10 pages...and I love how the magazine lay out the pages.
After all it's the Summer on the other side of the pond so we can all hang on onto Summer memories a bit...
Personally I love this shot of Mimi on the beach holding her father's hand and I was about to write that my Dad would be proud of seeing the tree hut he made out of bamboos but actually no - knowing my dad, he wouldn't care :-)
Feel free to ask me any questions about it if you can't read the article...I could write a bible about this house ;-)

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