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Last Saturday, at her farewell party, my friend Sofia reminded me of an 'embarrassing' anedoct...Ten years ago, when we were both working here, she brought in an advent calendar on 1st December to put in the office we were sharing...sweet isn't it?! For Sof, woman of tradition, it was a daily celebration that Xmas was around the corner...For me, the "chocolate-addict/French with no manners", it was just something that had chocolate in it and I couldn't resist dipping into her advent calendar more than once...oops!
Luckily, unlike me she is a very good friend so we stayed friends for a long time but I think it's time I pay my debt and send her one of these wonderful advent calendar and a box of chocolate.

What was the most embarrassing thing you did? Well, let me re-phrase that...what did you do years ago thinking it wasn't a big deal until you were reminded that your actions were in fact out of order...

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