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Hang lamp: Size does matter....

This morning I advised a customer who is planning to put two Kathleen Hills' cluster lights in her hallway like I did in my home in France (see this TOTALLY un-styled photo) and she was also interested in the Hang lamp. Now, I'm a big fan of the Hang lamp's simplicity because I think it's a good choice for a kitchen or a workspace mais attention size does matter...

In this super hip kitchen made by Italian Arclinea, they've used the standard Hang lamp (25 cm diam) which is fine and looks nice but personally I would have made a real statement with this light and go for the large version because the standard one just looks a tiny lost in the background.
So just bear this in mind when you search for the perfect lamp...enquire about the height of the lamp, its diameter and try to visualise how much space it will take above your head, will it be big enough or will it look lost in space?
You can get a real idea of the look of the lamp in the video below...Ok it's in Danish so not great for most of us except our lovely Danish readers but you get a very good idea of the design of the lamp and how creative you can be with the 3 meters long cable! (PS: Rikke is holding the standard size)

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