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Design*Sponge: Fonts roundup

It's not new... I absolutely LOVE fonts and typography. It's a simple, visual thing which, with all its simplicity, can change the whole look of a room. This why I fell in love with Therese Sennerholt prints which you'll see in our little shop next month or the one I have at home. I love how fonts can be used to design gorgeous prints of the UK, Australia and New-Zealand, as wall decoration, on food packaging and on this subject, if you haven't visited Selfridges Food Hall yet, you must go! It's a visual feast to all the things I love food, design and fonts.
So when I saw that the lovely Grace was sharing her favourite fonts, I could not resist relaying them to you here.

Click here to read Grace's 35 favourite fonts (some of them are free to download for personal use)

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