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Famille Summerbelle at work...mind-blowing!

When we added the London map prints and Paris maps prints by Famille Summerbelle to BODIE and FOU last June, they sold out on pre-orders alone in a couple of hours! It was mental and it hasn't stopped since then! We also got some fabulous press coverage in featured in The Times, You magazine, Easy Living which is great and a testimony to Julie's talent, the adorable French designer behind them.
So I really wanted to share with you how Julie created these beautiful cutout maps from London, Paris and NYC in this video....
It's amazing and almost seriously insane to watch but at the same time, it's fascinating to see how these gorgeous map prints are made....there is some serious talent here!
The NYC map print took 20 hours to make but don’t worry, the video lasts only 2 minutes...
Hope you enjoy it!

Click here to find out more about Famille Summerbelle

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