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Sally Pring's illustrations

Last time I went to the flower market in Columbia road, I picked up some pretty cards from various illustrators in the Fleapit cafe at the corner of the street. I really liked the ones by Sally Pring, an illustrator and print-maker who graduated from Edinburgh College of Arts with a BA Hons in Visual Communication.
If you live in Scotland, you may be able to see some of her works but if not you can easily order prints directly from her website if you have a Paypal account. The illustration she did for Time Out's Paris Supplement (below) is really pretty and I love how simple the drawing she did for one of my favourite authors J.D. Salinger (although not my favourite book).It has the lightness of the Winnie the Pooh's drawings (hope Sally wont be offended by that because I think they are very pretty) but with a stroppy strike to it.

However my favourite are Pam (below) which looks cheeky and youthful and Deneuve (far below) which I assume is named after French icon Catherine Deneuve.

You can buy Sally Pring's illustrations here

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