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Love in the air for our prints

Two weeks ago, the Sunday Times kindly featured not just one but two of our best-selling prints: the Paris map in pink by Famille Summerbelle and the Type map print by Bold & Noble.
It felt like Christmas all over again as many customers ordered 3 to 4 prints at once
However last Sunday, we got lucky again when You magazine featured this gorgeous shot of the London map in red (a big thank you to Clare Nolan who featured the print)

Nice, isn't it?!
Well of course now we've ran out of stock of the London map in red but panic not!
We're getting more stock, hopefully before the end of the week, if not early next week but if you were thinking of buying one of these beautiful prints for Valentine's Day, I suggest you get one of the other colours which are still in stock and ready for dispatch straight away or go for the beautiful LOVE art print that burst out of joy or the more grown-up Endless Love print

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