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More Valentine's Day treats

It's good news after good news today....we've just received these white ceramic decorations from Cote Bastide (yes.... they were supposed to send them to us before Christmas...nevermind) and OMG, they are stunning!
They are so simple and beautiful, exactly the kind of things I like....and they look even better in real!
They look shiny on this photo but they have in fact a mat finish which looks sublime...very Jacqueline Morabito and the kind of pretty things she would hang in a room.

My mum would have loved one of these at Christmas...She has started a collection of hearts and she hangs them around her bedroom's door frame. It looks really pretty. I will see if I can find them a nice place at home to show you what they look like in situ.
And don't get me started on the cross version....I have a thing for crosses and one of these is definitively going to head home with me tonight!
And look what we've got here..just in time for Valentine's Day!! A gorgeous charm bracelet with 3 hearts and 1 cross. I will spare you the details on how long we've been waited to get these as CB kept sending us the cross ones but here we's not always plain sailing to get the stock we want, trust me!

Anyway, there are here, with us, in London now....and they are just perfect for Valentine's Day and will featured in our next E-newsletter.
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