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Ming Oil & Vinegar set by Jansen + Co

You better watch this space....Our team is currently adding new designs to and some of them are just stunning (especially the ones from a famous French company that works with a lot of talented designers including Rob Ryan...yes the famous Rob Ryan who makes cut out prints to die for) but more of this later.
Today, I wanted to focus on this gorgeous Ming Oil and Vinegar set by Dutch design company Jansen + Co because I think it's a very clever, functional and beautiful piece of design.

So this uber cool Oil and Vinegar set can easily be mistaken for wine glasses but they are not! The whole thing is upside down, making this oil and vinegar set a fantastic salad dressing kit. Each vessel can hold a decent amount of oil or vinegar, but the long, tapered stem of the glass reduces the flow to a manageable amount.
I think like the rocking glasses by Normann Copenhagen, this oil and vinegar set will be a great talking point when you have friends around but also it's a great way of making sure that butter-fingered guests don't slosh olive oil all over your table!
What do you think? You like it?

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