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1 egg, 2 eggs, 3 eggs...Happy Easter

Last year, we were still living in Bristol and were lucky enough to rent a place in Clifton Village in a crescent that had the most fabulous communal garden (not thanks to my gardening skills I reassure you but to the good, dedicated people who lived there) so Mila (below) and her friends had a ball searching for chocolate eggs at Easter.
If I'm really honest, for me Easter is just about eating as many chocolate eggs as I can get away with....but since the egg cube holder by Kathleen Hills is one of our best-sellers, I have a duty...que dis-je? obligation to share with you the gorgeous gifts we have for Easter :-)

So let me introduce to my two favourites designs....First the simple yet sublime egg cube by Kathleen Hills....
Now I can hear you saying...why, it's just an egg cube!?....Oh oh oh not so fast! You should now by know that Elodie and I only put beautiful things on our site and this egg cup has nothing to do with cheap and cheerful egg cups you will find in high-street stores.
It's made of quality bone china and produced by a small family-run business in Stoke-on-Trent (the UK mecca of ceramics) and not some factories in China.
It's designed by British Ceramist Kathleen Hills who you may know for her gorgeous pendant lights hanging in fashion shop Whistles and her beyond-stunning Cluster Light.
It's a perfect example of form and function. A practical object to use daily (if you're not watching your cholesterol) but mostly it is something that adds real beauty value to your kitchen and breakfast table. It's simply beautiful.
So here we take on 'this is just an egg cube!'
Now you can get one for yourself or four for your family or to give to someone as a wedding's really up to you but don't fool yourself, it's not "just an egg cup".

The 2nd piece of design I love...very much for the same reasons.... the creative process behind it, the quality of the bone china, the purity of its lines, its practical and decorative values, is the Egg candleholder by Michelle Mason (most renowned for her beautiful, eco-friendly Stella rugs for grown-ups and most recently the Apple and Bunny rugs for children).
We see more and more designers making things complicated, too much bling-bling, too many details and I'm thinking....Just take it easy, make things simple, beautiful...just go back to what matters. Sometimes (often) less is more and that's why I love these Egg candleholders so much

Now I promise next year, we will have some gorgeous chocolates on BODIE and FOU...
Happy Easter

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