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My dream store: MERCI concept store....

This posting is beyond late as it should have been posted when I returned from Paris last January, my apologies...we've got so many things in the pipeline that the blog seems always to be on the back burner...poor blog but here is my take on Merci, the fabulous concept store I visited during my last trip to the French capitale.
With Merci, Marie-France Cohen wanted to give something back (she and her husband Bernard Cohen are the Founders of Bonpoint). The ongoing success of Bonpoint had allowed her to be comfortable financially and she didn't feel she needed more money for the sake of it.
What she wanted was to create an inspiring place to gather together all the things she likes about interior design, fashion, vintage, art, to work with a wealth of young creative people who keep her on her toes, and have all the benefits generated from the sales passed on to a charity helping mothers in Madagascar to look after their children (Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world where a child dies every five minute) and Merci is her vision.
Far from looking like a tired charity shop, Merci is 1500 m2 of pure happiness, inspiration and beauty....
The kind of shop that awakes your senses and imagination, the kind of shop you will love spend hours and the kind of shop I would love to have one day...

Was I seduced? Err..yeah! God I was in heaven....
If it was not for having dragged my friend Manu around all my favourite shops (Loft design By, Zadig & Voltaire, Comptoir des Cotonniers and American Vintage) the whole afternoon and managed to buy something each time (I was in serious need of retail therapy...), we would have spent the afternoon at the Merci Cafe among old books, watching life goes by and simply look how everything, the most simplest object, was enhanced and beautifully styled.
Even Manu who is not about obsessed with design and homewares like me, thought it was an amazing place.

Of course, the whole building is nicely done with concrete floors, wooden floors, a bit of industrial furniture mixed with a few modern pieces and one-off vintage pieces. Some have been slightly restored but you love them even more for their bits that fall apart and add incredible charm and warmth to the place. The kids corner is super cute with hangers in the shape of angel wings but of course, I loved the whole homeware and furniture section and I have found the sofa of my dreams...The Ghost sofa by Paola Navone...
This is the 2nd time, I fall in love with a Paola Navone sofa so I'm going to have to look into her designs more closely. I also loved the table at the front of the sofa, which is from Paola Navone, but really did not like the stainless-steel feet and the price (it costs as much as the sofa) but with a little bit of help and inspiration from our friends at Apartment Therapy, it may just well be my DIY project for this Summer

And I was thrilled with my purchases...I found a gorgeous black metal salad bowl designed by Nelson Supulveda...a range I would love to stock on B&F (let me know what you think of the whole's quite simple but has an amazing organic feel to it) and a plant pot that is a fabric bucket covered with plaster but which I'm now using a laundry basket...
The perfect, perfect shopping that lifts your spirits and leave you incredibly happy.
And you're in luck, Merci has a pop-up shop right here, right now in London at Liberty until 1st April

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