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House tour to inspire/ Owner: Asia Gwis, graphic designer

For the past three weeks, our household has been in DYI-action mood...(and I'm tired - hence my lack of postings..or maybe it's just the wine I drank last night...).
I started by Mila's bedroom, painting one of her walls in dark grey and her cupboards in light grey and yippee Miss "I only love yellow or pink" loves it!....
I also painted bedroom 2 in white and Steve sanded the floorboards to reveal nice, Scandi feel floorboards that I will try to bleach over the weekend and I've tackled bedroom 3 with the most annoying paint ever...One that goes back on the roll if you roll over areas freshly painted and takes ages to dry.
This is driving me nuts! I spent 4 hours painting the first room with brand no 1 and almost 2 weekends painting the 2nd room with brand no 2. However, how annoying this paint is, the finish is a lot nicer so I will keep my head down and spend a 3rd weekend trying to get it done for good so I can finally add the Tribeca lamps on each side of the bed and start having fun with decorative touch.
A couple of nights ago, while I was searching the net, trying to find inspiring, new images of Jacqueline Morabito's work, I came across this great home that belongs to Asia Gwis, a graphic designer based in Poland and her husband Sebastian.
Their house was a 80 year old former schoolhouse which they moved to Warsaw to restore it. Now.... Were you familiar with the concept of moving houses?? The first time I heard about it, it puzzled me. Call it cultural differences but in France, we build brick & mortar houses and that's it, they don't move so imagine my surprise when I went to New-Zealand to visit my in-laws and saw kiwi batches (i.e. summer house) happily being driven from one part of the country to another one....I think it's amazing to be able to do that, the whole engineering thing behind it is that's what Asia and Sebastian did. They fell in love with the house, moved it to Warsaw and spent years renovating it to create a wonderful living space for them, their 2 cats and 3 dogs.
I love how the white painted floorboards create a visual contrast against the feature wall in a dark colour and I'm a big fan of the red flex, Asia and Sebastian used to hang the single pendant lights which adds a modern touch to the room (check out how Country Homes & Interior styled the Norm 06 to achieve a similar effect in a more classic way).
Painting floorboards is an old trick but it's also a very cheap way to revamp a house while bringing tons of light and feel-good vibes like in Gabrielle's family house.

The sofa is from Ikea (so are the kitchen units) and the giant lamp is similar to the Anglepoise Giant1227. The good thing about these house tours and that they give you a chance to see how one thing could just work wonder in your own space.
For me, the photos that did the trick were these two below.
Although doors, cupboards with blackboard paint are a pretty recurrent theme now in contemporary family houses, this door tucked under the stairs is very similar to the fitted cupboards we have under our stairs and that seriously need to be modernised.

And of course the Jacqueline Morabito-inspired bath tub which I adore (see Asia's version above and Morabito's version below). Asia added personal touches by framing a table-cloth her grand-grand mother embroidered years ago and added soft, textured curtains.

Via the wonderful DesignSponge

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