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Quintessentially British.....

So this week, I'm not sure if you noticed but we added three super cute prints for children from Kayatine and two prints from a new designer Betsy Benn and her Quintessentially print below is already selling like mad...

Yesterday I went to a 2 hours meeting and by the time I came back, I was told we had no stock left! How cool is this?
I love this print dearly because unlike all the Union Jack designs you see everywhere, this one has a lot of amazing little creative details that make it very special....
First it's a celebration of 240 things quintessentially British.....The Queen, The Times Crosswords, fish & chips, Marmite (errkk), MG sport car (my dream car!), red phone box, black cab, Big Ben, Cadbury....I mean you name it, it's there and I can see how this print is going to be a great talking point when we have friends around!

Betsy, the Designer was inspired by her mum's friend who could drink 15 cups of tea a day as long as it was in a proper bone china cup & saucer :-)
It's a very British thing to care so much about tea but I'm with her on this. I hate coffee (yeah I know I'm French and I don't cook either AND I gave up smoking ..... not that I ever smoked Gitanes!).
I also loved the fact that she added a Mum's recipe for the Victoria Sponge and the purists will also be delighted to know that this gorgeous Quintessentially print has been printed using the exact pantones used on the Union Jack flag.
And the way this gorgeous print came to our shop was quite cool too.....
Betsy was the winner last month on the Living Etc Forum where people can show how creative they have been. Then she got interviewed by a local newspaper where she said that she would love to have her work available at two of her favourite shops (one of them being BODIE and FOU) and without a real masterplan in mind, Betsy contacted us to see if we would be interested.
Of course, as soon as I saw her work, I loved it especially the Quintessentially print and the Nelly print which is the print I have been looking for for ages to put in Mila's bedroom....
I really love it and if you read this, you will understand why pink in kids room does not do it for me but the Nelly print will be just perfect next to the grey Farrow & Ball feature wall I did in Mila's bedroom.

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