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My Design hero...Jacqueline Morabito

We should all have heroes, people who inspire us to be more creative and adventurous, whose life, achievements, talents encourage us to better ourselves and get out of our comfort zone.
When I was growing up in France, my heroes were my sister Elodie, Robert Doisneau, Andy Wharol, Vanessa Paradis, top model Roberta Chirko (do you remember her in the 80s?) and Jacqueline Morabito.
Fastforward 20 years later and now I relate more to the photography of Veronique Vial - and can not recommend enough the sensitive and beautiful portraits of women she took for a book Women before 10 am - the style of Helena Christensen's home, Vanessa's simply perfect choices in cinema and music, my sister forever for being a beautiful person inside/out and Morabito...

Morabito's minimalist almost monastic style at home has always made me feel incredibly calm.
Out of all the interiors she has done, her house in Saint Paul de Vence, a 16th-century sheep barn, located amidst an olive grove and re-designed by her late husband architect Yves Bayard, is my favourite.
Where do I start???
...I'm in total awe with the simple, pure lines of the building and how Bayard has made the surrounding nature, a part of their home.

...I love how Jacqueline mixes simple, contemporary pieces (like the vase from Tse-Tse below) with vintage, baroque accessories such as XVIII century candlesticks or industrial lights,
...I dream of owing one her trademark square coffee and diner tables,
...I admire her work, her creativity and her talent,
...I wish someone from her team would answer the few emails I sent to stock her designs on BODIE and FOU!

Look at the lines and volumes of this bathroom.....not a single ugly pipe in sight!
Just light, water and wood....

Like Jacqueline or maybe because of her, I love crosses too and since we have a few beautiful things on BODIE and FOU that would work for anyone wishing to achieve the Jacqueline Morabito look like this gorgeous ceramic cross or this XVIII Century stoup, I'm going to put together a 'Morabito mood board' for your pleasure.
Bonne nuit!

Images via Remodalista
and Kavka who I thank for her lovely email, sweet words and latest post. If you haven't seen Asia's beautiful house and her Morabito's inspired bathroom, click here

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