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Une fille, un sac.....La Tropezienne tote bag

Yesterday, we had a bit of fun shooting our gorgeous French intern Marion who after two months with us, is now leaving at the end of this week to go back studying.
Ahh Marion.....adorable, efficient, helpful, legs to die for, a fabulous sense of style that got me thinking 3 times a week ...'ummm I like that!'
I'm talking fur (fake of course) sleeveless jacket on top of a stylish black blazer, jeans shorts paired with biker boots...White romantic top on skinny jeans....
Marion rocked the 'rock chick look' big time. Coming over for a 2-month internship with us, she brought no less than 4 handbags in her luggage (and she will go back with a gift from us that will make it 5) so of course, it was pretty obvious that she would be the perfect girl to model the black version of La Tropezienne tote bag.

And as I was looking at all the shots and this gorgeous black La Trop unpacked, I was wondering if it would be really indecent to treat myself with the same bag in a different colour....

And I have decided that NO, it wouldn't :-). While I'm trying to catch up with Marion on my bags collection, I would like to thank her warmly for all her help and hard work during her two months with us. It has been a real pleasure and she is welcomed back anytime

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