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Brook Farm General Store

This is for my friend Charlotte who lives in NYC and everyone else who dreams of their next trip to the big Apple (ME included!)...
I'm a big fan of shops that sell retro hardware like Labour & Wait, Baileys in London and Resonances in France.
There is something quintessentially simple, charming and reassuring about enamel mugs, carpenter pencils, vintage apple crates...especially when we live in a world when 5-years old know to use the Macbook of their parents with no tuition, where communication is mostly done through skype, twitter, blog and i-phone...
I think with all this technology around, somehow it's almost like a craving, a need to have things that connect us to the past, to life, to things that seem they have a story to them, places that do not seem to embrace new technology and to a certain extend it's good (unless you run a e-commerce site, then it's not good at all I tell you!).
Brook Farm General Store is on 75 South 6th Street in Brooklyn and is simply a beautiful shop that displays hardware and vintage pieces.

Elodie and I bought the same rubber ducks for Mila and Lily a few weeks ago in London (Chiswick). They look great and are made of natural rubber and hand-painted with non-toxic paints. I can't remember the name of the shop but I can find out if you are interested...
Photos by Karen Mordechai

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