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I've just melted.....

I've just read this beautiful, romantic gift message from a French customer who ordered La Tropezienne tote bag for his wife/partner who just had a baby...
I don't want to give away the surprise if she is familiar with B&F so I wont give away the name of the baby or the name of this adorable French guy but here is his French gift message and the English translation....
"Quand tu recevras ce sac la cigogne nous a apporté XXX. Pas très pratique comme couffin mais je suis sûr qu'il te servira pour d'autres choses… Avec tout mon amour… Bisous"

"When you will get this bag, our baby will be born. Not very practical as a baby cot but I'm sure it will be useful for a lot of things....With all my love....xoxo"

Is this romantic or what!? So sweet

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