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MERCI again.....

So....last weekend I was in Paris.....first I had a meeting with them (YES!) and it went super well. I can't work out if I was over the moon because they told me how much they love BODIE and FOU (again), how cool and boho B&F was (I started melting) and how good Elodie & I were at spotting good designs (I was done!)...but coming from one of our favourites French interior magazines, this was not taken lightly!
So, following this successful meeting, we started a mini version of BODIE and FOU Le Blog on Marie-Claire Maison in French AND Marie-Claire Maison and BODIE and FOU are going to work together at the end of the year to do something similar to what they did with Little Fashion Gallery last year...I can't tell you more right now but this is going to be super cool...

Now of course, being in Paris, I couldn't resist going back to my dream store MERCI and it was just as well because they had lots of really groovy things like these modulable tiles from Dutch Design company Droog Design.
Cleverly designed, each tile had a specific and practical function so amongst your normal tiles, you could also fit a magnet tile to hold kitchen knives, a blackboard tile to write down things to remember, a herbs tile (or use this herb stand), a waterstop tile, a tile to keep kitchen utensils, etc...

Luckily, they also had a few pieces left from the MERCI collection for Liberty so one quick call to Elodie in Barcelona and I bought her the same bustier I got for my B'day last month and then I took a few more photos of the things I missed during my last visit...last their fabulous library/coffee (below) and their cafe in the basement.

Look at these artist windows ('verrieres' in French)..aren't they to die for?? I would love to have something like this fitted to the back of our kitchen....Our garden (don't get excited, it's v. boring at the moment, I'm waiting for my new-Zealander mother-in-law to work her magic!) would look like a little corner of France in London...bliss.
Anyway, given the costs, it is unlikely to happen but I just thought it looked superb. For the Frenchies reading this, at the back of the photo, it is Mademoiselle Agnes who presents fashion on Canal + and contributes to Vogue France....Not my most groundbreaking photo but I was photographing the windows and I did not see the point to go closer and intrude on her privacy while she was having breakfast with a friend.

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