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Inspiring images by Karen Mordechai

My new photography love is Karen Mordechai.
I discovered her beautiful images on Sunday Suppers which is an inspiring class-cooking- dining experience, pairing friends and food where classes held in a waterfront loft in Brooklyn, NY and are taught by Local Chefs (on my growing list of things to do in NYC...well Brooklyn).
Photographer Michael Paul once explained to me that shooting food is not easy. You have to work fast as the heat of the spots can rapidly alter the look and colour of the food so it is best to work with natural light. Easier to say than do, especially if you're shooting during winter time but this did not prevent Karen Mordechai to come up with amazing shots.
Just looking at her amazing photos, I feel like eating and cooking and I think you will agree that her beautiful photography would encourage any 'wont cook/can't cook girl' to spend the day in her kitchen feeling like a Domestic Goddess.
Last year, Karen Mordechai shot a Winter party organised by Hatch Creative Studio, an event company which can throw some of the coolest parties in town and also cater for your wedding. This party was just full of amazing and inspiring little details...very elegant and yet totally whimsical. Hot chocolate shots, sweaters for picture frames and candles, cozy throws and mitten favors, a snowman booth with hats, mustaches and carrots for guests to play around, an eclectic collection of Medicine bottles hanging from birch behind the bar filled with snow from ski mountains around the country...Amazing but just see for yourself.

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