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Absolute favourites!

Last night, when Elodie and I skyped each other to go through the gifts for women, we realized that most of the items we were listing were things we loved for ourselves so we've decided to share with you our own selection. Frankly, there is not enough space to put everything we have, would love to have, gave to friends (zut! I forgot to put this!), Steve's family in New-Zealand, what our mum takes home each year when she comes to help us out etc...
I have two Paulistano chairs at home (but I'm aware they are not for everyone's budget) and Elodie has a lot more prints at home and the retro robots (not in Lily's room but in Christophe's home office :-). I also love anything from Jacqueline Morabito's La Petite Epicerie range we started shooting yesterday but it's not online yet so these are amongst our absolute favourites!

1. EAT letters by House Doctor DK My kitchen is not looking great at the moment but these would be cool on a wall (next week, I will show you examples of letters at home)
2. Any single pendant light and Cluster lights by Kathleen Hills. Kathleen was one of the first designers we stock and she remains one of my favourite designers. Her designs are flawless, simple and timeless
3. La Tropezienne tote bag: we both have one in tan so does our cousin Marion which makes family reunion in the summer quite a 'get together of La Trop' but it's still one of our absolute favourites!
4. Doudou Star cushion...ok we're suckers for anything with stars, call it a mid-life crisis or we are just young at heart, I don't know what it is but it works for us
5. This owl vase by House Doctor DK is one of our latest arrivals but just too cute!
6. Ball chairs...ah the ball chairs....massive coup de coeur the first time I saw them. At the time, we were still in Bristol but I went to a trade show in London with my friend Mandy and Mila in her pushchair and I fell so much in love that I convinced the exhibitor to let me have a white and black one at a discount price. Mandy and I ended up carrying these voluminous chairs on Mila's puschair from Olympia to the railway station and then all the way to Bristol...totally bunkers but it was fun :-)
7. The STAR dress (see compulsive addiction to stars above) but I tried it on at the last trade show and it's fab, light, comfy, works wonder with leggings or on top of jeans and it looks cool. The grey one is stunning too
8. London weekend destinations print: a new print designed by Betsy Benn (we have her Nelly print at home) and I love how striking and modern in a retro way (if you see what it means) it looks. Paris map print for Elodie. In fact, anything from Famille Summerbelle is a safe bet when we make gifts to friends, they are always a winner and the Family Tree print is fab for babyshower.
New-Zealand type map (I live with a kiwi...who complained he had to read my blog to find out we had it. Not true! I told him but he didn't listen). Next week, we're getting the USA type map and the London type map print
9. Rob Ryan plates: A massive hit already! We've been inundated by pre-orders and we get the stock around 15th but it's a no brainer. The set is super pretty, comes gift-boxed and costs only £25 which I think is a great price for a gift and it's the kind of set that will please Rob Ryan fans like my friend Mandy (again) and is great for mums, in-laws, etc...It's a bit the femine response to our best-seller Cognac glasses for men.
10. The pigeon light by Ed Carpenter..I've always loved it and I'm glad it's in our shop now. Great for teens rooms or cool family homes
11. the Laptop clutch bag by Clare Vivier: ON MY LIST!! I know I go on and on about Clare's designs but I absolutely love everything she does and the girl is going places! She just shipped a large order for Theory and I bet in a few years, she will be a big name so let's just get some of her sublime designs while we still can afford them!
12. STAR t-shirt (see compulsive addiction to stars above BIS): this is a woman t-shirt but last time I took pics of Mila wearing the small size (fair enough it was more a dress for her than a t-shirt) but it still looked great!

....Oh I forgot! If your boyfriend, husband, mum etc don't have a clue what to get you, just add things on your wishlist and email it to them and then they can just pick and choose and you're sure to receive something you really love!

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