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Mama K's Clay modelling clay

Yesterday I was dressed as Batgirl for Halloween (and no before you ask... I will not post pics of myself on the blog) and I must have hit a wall when flying over West London for Trick or Treat because this morning, I got Mila dressed for school, waited for 30 min for the bus to arrive, then called the lady at bus company who told me that my child was on holidays for another week...which is funny because last week I got SO organized for once with Half-term activities and Halloween that I thought I was becoming a bit like Martha...well not quite!
Anyway, once thing we did with Mila last week was to test Mama K's Clay modelling clay

And all I can say is that it's wonderful!
Mama K's Clay modelling clay is 100% natural using only certified GF flours and organic essential oils so it's very good for all the children in general but great for those who have gluten allergies etc but also and it smells amazing. Each tube comes with 5 scents to stimulate, inspire, refresh and ease anxiety. Personally I really love the Lavender and Geranium scents but they all seem very nice and when you think that regular play doughs you buy in the store are made from petroleum-based ingredients that can be toxic, for me it was a no brainer.

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